Rules of Golf and Revisions in 2016

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Every four years, the USGA and the R&A publish a new set of rules for golfers around the world. Both organizations are the governing bodies for official rules in PGA and European Tour events throughout the golf season. Creating a game that is played with the same rules everywhere in the World helps make golf’s traditions stand the test of time for years on end.

Although many of us are playing Stony Creek “winter rules” at this time in the year, it is very important for junior golfers as well as any golfer aspiring to participate in any tournament play in the coming year to be knowledgeable of the rules of golf. The best way to stay up to date is to simply have a copy of the book in your golf bag.  When making a ruling, the easiest way to avoid conflict is “quoting the book, it never lies.” Feel free to talk to Kevin, John, or Bill about purchasing a new rules book for the coming season.

Two of the biggest rules that will be changed in the next four years have to do with stroke play scoring and anchoring strokes. In this video below, representatives from both organizations explain the rules exactly from the new book. Below is a video link to the USGA and R&A’s video of the new revisions on

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