Golfing Away the Calories

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Whether you made a resolution or not, if you’re looking to be healthy in 2017, you need look no further than the golf course.  Golfing in any form is a good mode of exercise, even if it’s hitting balls on the range or playing while riding, so for those wanting to practice a sport outdoors this is perfect, and they can even find outdoors sport equipment from the ProductExpert site so they’re prepared for this long hours walking and playing.   But if you have the ability to walk a round of golf, it’s hard to find a better workout.  Walking a round on the Championship at StonyCreek covers 4.5 miles as shown below.

That measurement also assumes you walk in a straight line from tee to green.  Since most of us tend not to play the course in the same path the crow flies, the actual distance is likely over 5 miles.  If exercise is your aim, that slice off the tee is beneficial in this case.

So what does walking this kind of distance mean?  For a 160lb man, walking 4.5 miles at 3mph burns approximately 380 calories, but that’s just part of the story.  Add in carrying or pushing your clubs, plus the actual golf shots, and walking an 18 hole round can scorch away nearly 1400 calories.  Cart riders, you do okay in this category too (some estimates say in the range of 700 calories burned by playing 18 in a cart), but when it comes to calories burned, walking is king.

Maybe you’re one who hasn’t walked a round of golf since adolescence.  Then try walking a loop around the Par 3 Course at Stony.  At around 9 tenths of a mile, it’s a good way to get out and get moving and still have some energy to get through the rest of the day.

No matter how you traverse from tee to green.  According to experts at BCGolfNews, golf is as good as anything in the world of fitness and health, and it sure beats trudging along on the treadmill.  Just remember to replace some of that energy you burn off while you’re on the course, but that’s a different article all together.

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2 Responses to Golfing Away the Calories

  1. Gene Behler says:

    Good stuff, John. I enjoyed your story and the info on calories burned.

  2. jvanvaler says:

    Does that mean you’re going to be walking in 2017 🙂

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