Welcome to StonyCreek Golf Club

2/16/19: Both Courses will remain closed. The Range is open although soggy.

Junior Golf Camp: Junior Camp Dates are posted for here 2019, for golfers ages 7-12. Enrollment will open Saturday March 2nd, 9am.

February Hours: 10a-3p.

18 Hole Course Conditions 11/10: In early July, we made a mistake on a herbicide application.  The result was some of the greens on the 18 Hole Course were damaged. Since then, we have repaired much of the affect areas with Sod and Seed. The recovery is not 100% complete, but we will re-sod areas that still need it in the spring. Let us know if you have any questions, 317-773-1820, info@stonycreekgolfclub.com. The Par 3 Course greens were unaffected.

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