2024 In-Season Rates

Begin April 1st


18 Holes  $28 Walking | $38 Riding

After 5pm  $23 Walking | $33 Riding

9 Holes $20 Walking | $26 Riding

Weekends & Holidays

18 Holes  $37 Walking | $52 Riding

2-5pm $32 Walking | $42 Riding

After 5pm  $30 Walking | $39 riding

9 Holes  $24 Walking | $33 Riding

9 Holes    After 5pm $22 Walking | $28 Riding

Junior Green Fee: $15 for ages 15 and under


This wide open Par 5 is a nice way to start.  Big hitters may find themselves in the valley with a driver off the tee, but most of us need not worry. The slope of the second landing area will give you some extra distance but also makes it difficult to get home in 2.  The large green makes for an easy GIR but also increases the risk for a mighty long putt.


This moderately short, simple looking Par 3 can still cause you problems.  A tee shot into the bunkers behind the green leaves a daunting shot and anything short and right will end up in the valley.


The first par 4 is also the #1 handicap hole on the course.  the key is finding the fairway off the tee.  Just a few feet into the rough and you could be faced with tree trouble.  The large tree short and right of the green has gobbled up many once promising approach shots.  The front or back pin placements can make for long putts on this deep green, so make sure to note the location before picking your club for the approach.


This short Par 4 may look benign but it can put a big number on your card in a hurry. At 310 yards from the White Tees, some may be able to get home in one, but if your going to hit driver you better get it down the middle. There’s OB left and a hazard the length of the right side.


Another short Par 4 that puts a premium on an accurate tee shot. Trees run the length of both sides of the fairway, and the creek short of the green takes away any thoughts of going for it off the tee. The key to the approach is to be conservative and aim for the middle of the green.  Go long and you’ll find yourself in a hazard, come up short and you may be in the steep green side bunker.


Let ‘er rip on this open Par 4.  If you can draw one around the corner you can cut a lot of distance off the hole.  In the summer time the relatively flat approach will provide a big bounce, so land your shot short and let it run back to the hole


If you want an eagle putt, here is your chance. This is the one potentially reachable Par 5, just keep your drive out of trouble and you’ll have a good look at the green. However, your best bet is to lay up and give yourself a short approach to this green. It is well protected by bunkers and gets shallow in places.


It’s an uphill battle, this moderate length Par 4 plays longer than is listed on the card.  the entire holes runs up hill and will take some length off your tee ball.  Although anything in the fairway gives you a good clear look at this big green


At 212 yards from the back fo the tee, this Par 3 may put a hybrid or metal wood in your hand.  some are content just to clear the pond, but if you want it on the green, you’ll need to fly it there. 


Hitting the fairway on this sharp dogleg Par4 isn’t always enough.  Too Short and you can’t get home, too long and you may find yourself in the large fairway bunker.  Don’t get too aggressive with your approach shot, anything on the green is good, or at least better than being in the bunker or going long and in the woods.


The third Par 3 is the shortest hole on the course and is your best chance for birdie or even an ace.  it has yielded several over the years!  Don’t let the pond be part of your thoughts and you’ll be fine.  Just knock it on the green and give yourself a putt.


Choose your weapon wisely on the tee.  A driver could leave you nothing but a short pitch to the green, but it brings the ponds on either side of the hole into play.  An iron off the tee is a safe play, but it could leave a lengthly approach into this kidney shaped green.


This Par 4 is the most demanding on the course.  A miscue on the drive will almost certainly result in a pitch out for your second shot.  However, there is more to the hole than just hitting the fairway.  The uphill shot to the green leaves little room for error, and the massive green is very three-putt prone.


This downhill Par 4 just begs you to swing for the fences, so go ahead and do it!  Just don’t miss because sizeable cotton woods and other trees line both sides of the hole and will keep you from finding the green if you miss the fairway.


Mother nature made this hole easier in the summer of 2008.  A storm took out the top half of the Ball Cyprus that marked the corner of the dog leg.  That aside, you will still need a drive down the middle to have a shot at all of the green.


The last Par 3 on the course is nestled in the woods along StonyCreek.  Be sure to check the tops of the trees for the wind direction, because you can’t feel any breeze back here.


The final Par 4 has OB left and a creek right, but avoid those and your shouldn’t have any problems.


There’s not much to this Par 5 finishing hole.  Just hit a perfect 200 yard shot off the tee avoiding OB left and the penalty area to the right, and then it’s only 300 yards up hill to the green.  Many have tried, but there is not short cut for getting home in two.  If you need an eagle on the last to beat your opponent, you better plan on holing a wedge shot!