Body/Swing Connection

Find out the how your body affects how you swing the golf club with Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) Certified, PGA Head Golf Professional John Van Valer.

The TPI physical screen is a short (8-10 minute) test of 16 basic movements, all of which have a direct connection to your swing characteristics.

A body/swing connection session is 30 minutes and includes a physical screen combined with a range or simulator session. cost $50

What you get:

Detailed report of your physical screen

A golf fitness handicap

Your likely swing characteristics based on you screen

Swing Analysis: what characteristics of your swing are technique related vs body related

Recommended exercises

Understanding your body’s capabilities in the golf swing can help you either work around a restriction or improve your golf specific fitness in order to improve your swing.

To schedule a session, contact John Van Valer,, 317-773-1820
TPI Certified, PGA Head Golf Professional
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