FootGolf at StonyCreek

What is Footgolf?

It’s as simple as it sounds.  You kick a soccer ball form the tee to a hole on the course and keep score.

How Big is the hole?

It’s 21 inches.  It’s the same relative size of a golf ball to a golf hole.

Does it interfere with regular golf?

NO.  FootGolf holes are not on the golf greens.  There is one FootGolf hole for each golf hole on the Par 3 Course.  Golfers and FootGolfers can play adjacent to each other on the course.

What do I need to play?

Not much.  You can bring your own ball or rent one of ours for only $1.  Please do not wear soccer cleats.  Indoor soccer shoes or sneakers are recommended.

Do I need a tee (toe) time?

NO. The Par 3 Course is on a first come, first served basis for both golfers and footgolfers.  You can call 317-773-1820 or check the front page of the website to make sure the course is open for public play.

How much is it?

9 Holes for Adults is just $12 and for Juniors (15 and under) it is only $8

What else do I need to know to play?

Each footgolf hole is started from the regular golf tees.

Cleats of any kind ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Maintain a pace of 10 minutes per hole or less.

Wait until footgolfers and golfers are clear before each kick.

Wait until the ball comes to a rest before playing the next shot.

Play the ball from where it lies unless it comes to rest on a golf green.

DO NOT PLAY FROM GOLF GREENS: If you ball comes to rest on a golf green you may place it off the green without penalty.

Mark you ball if it interferes with another players shot.