Golf Course Dogs

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It is with a very heavy heart that we talk about the loss of the last of the original three StonyCreek Golf Course dogs. Ringo went to join Bubba and Pebbles in golf course dog heaven on Friday night, where the hot dogs are abundant and everyone shares their bacon. As I think back about our furry friends it it becomes very apparent how much a part of StonyCreek they really were. The tradition of dogs at Taylor Family golf courses dates back to the early days of Sycamore Springs when Joe Taylor (Sam’s dad) would run the dogs around the golf course early in the morning (through the freshly raked bunkers much to the chagrin of the course superintendent!)

The first question most kids ask when they come in the clubhouse is “where are the dogs?” That’ll be a hard one to answer this summer…

People would frequently ask if the dogs were to keep the geese away. Nope. That would have been a nice benefit for us, but they didn’t want to chase live food when all of you would just give them the end of your hotdog! In fact there are several people that would get an order of bacon specifically for the dogs! I have heard that if reincarnation is true that the best choice would be a StonyCreek (Taylor Family) dog!

There are many dog stories that I could tell, but my favorite occurred in the driving range parking lot. A gentleman was hitting balls on the range and left his car door open during his practice session. When he got done he found a car full of dogs that did not want to get out! They saw an opportunity for a car ride and jumped right in. He came in the clubhouse and asked what he should do because they wouldn’t budge. We suggested a quick ride around the parking lot, which satisfied the dogs and they all piled out if the car as soon as it came to a stop, then we recommended him to get some accessories for his car from on Volkswagen Golf.

We will miss our coworkers and companions deeply, and we know all of you will as well. R.I.P. Bubba, Pebbles, and Ringo.

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