90s I

…and the clubhouse as we know it today begins to take form

StonyCreek’s first decade saw a lot of changes to the course and the family’s business.  The Clubhouse and cart facility opened in 1992.   The old farm house on #5 would be demolished in 1995 and the current restroom/shelter was constructed on its site.  1995 also saw the construction of the current maintenance facility.  Prior to that, the maintenance had been run out structures that were on the property when it was purchased.  Perhaps the biggest event for StonyCreek in the 90’s was the closing of another golf course.  The other Taylor Family Course would see its last golf played in the 1994 season.  Sycamore Springs closed at the end of 94 and the family sold the land for the development of what is now the Sycamore Springs Neighborhood.  The sale and course closure came as a surprise to most.  Sycamore was still busy and all who worked there approached 1994 as business as usual.  However, by mid-year, Joe Taylor had decided it was time.  When Sycamore closed, staff, equipment, trees, carts, and golfers all moved north to StonyCreek, and the Taylors were once again a one course family.  The transition saw over 120 trees relocate to Noblesville, many mowers and other maintenance equipment, and current superintendant Dave Padgett.  Going from two courses to one also meant Sam and his sister Judy could focus their efforts on just StonyCreek.

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